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Disability Support Services

Important Documents

Our Commitment to All Students

Metropolitan Community College has been serving students with disabilities since the late 1970s. We currently serve the largest number of students with disabilities of all the post-secondary schools in Nebraska. Students with disabilities who meet the academic and technical standards for participation are eligible to request reasonable accommodations to achieve equal access. Qualified students are accommodated when they disclose their disabilities and request accommodations. The Disability Support Services Staff at OPE电子竞技官网 is committed to providing access for students with disabilities. If you have questions about our accommodations, contact us, or submit a Disability Support Services Intake Appointment Request form.

All Metropolitan Community College activities, organizations, courses and academic and technical programs are open to all students. College facilities are, as a whole, accessible to persons with physical disabilities via ramps, automatic entrances and elevators. Accessible restroom facilities, parking spaces, telephones and water fountains are also available.


The mission of Disability Support Services at Metropolitan Community College is to foster an accessible environment where we value students on the basis of ability, not disability. This is accomplished by providing qualified students with the tools and support to ensure access to all programs and activities.